issue not fixed

Hi bovineone,

however the issue is not fixed regarding the wrong data from “SearchBirdseyeInFlight”. what i need is a status whether the flight that iam searching by providing an ident is “in air” or “arrived”. but i actually cant look for {true inAir} because the flight can also be arrived. i was using the departure time and arrival time in “SearchBirdseyeInFlight” to track the status. ie. if departure time > 0 and arrivalTime > 0 , the flight is landed.
if departure time >0 and arrivalTime = 0, the flight is “on the way” etc. But now somehow im getting false data and im sure it is not the very recent data that im getting from the API. Also unlike you mentioned before, “SearchBirdseyeInFlight” is not returning multiple data while searching using ident only. It is returning only one single data and that is wrong. can i somehow get the most recent data from “SearchBirdseyeInFlight”.

I have also tried using “FlightInfoEx” and iam confused with the

filed_time etc…

The documentation does not explain what these exactly are. which of these can i use in this case.
can i somehow get the status of the flight as i mentioned above. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried using FlightInfoEx ( and look at the actual arrival time in field actualarrivaltime?
The flight must have arrived if actualarrivaltime is not 0 but an valid epoch timestamp.
Hope this helps.