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How-to Get VRS-Like Coverage Map on RPi


Here’s how you do it:
See posts 123 & 124 in this thread.


I tried method in the web page linked by you, but could not succeed. It says “Invalid Credentials”

Can you please post a full wget or curl command to download following latest file directly to Pi?

Thanks in Advance.


Never mind, found it after lot of Googling :slightly_smiling_face:


sudo wget -O path/to/folder/[NAME OF FILE TO BE DOWNLOADED] "https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=[FILE ID]"



Google Cloud Page for downloading "modesmixer2_rpi2-3_deb9_20180616.tgz":

[FILE ID] (extracted from above link):

Full assembled wget command:
sudo wget -O ~/mm2/modesmixer2_rpi2-3_deb9_20180616.tgz "https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1lV_tUMVIj_CvM3kxdkk8PX2pLLAJskw_"


Here ya go:

wget ‘https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1lV_tUMVIj_CvM3kxdkk8PX2pLLAJskw_’ -O mm2

Be sure to include the quote marks and the -O mm2 (mm2 = downloaded filename)

Tried it on a Debian Stretch box (9.4) and it worked like a champ.


Yep. Essentially the same thing. thumbsup
I was just about ready to make my post, when you posted yours. :wink:
Hopefully, it’ll save a few folks some time.


From me the one who has very little knowledge of of Linux. How do I simply putty the latest version om MM2? Of course without screwing up my installation I have right now?



Are you comfortable using SSH to access your Pi?


very. as long I get the correct lines to input.


I am still learning but people like abcd567,evangelyul, dxista and a few others I had followed what they had posted and I followed with good success.


OK, that’s half the battle, so-to-speak.

abcd gave an example in post 123:

sudo wget -O ~/mm2/modesmixer2_rpi2-3_deb9_20180616.tgz "https://drive.google.com/ \ uc?export=download&id=1lV_tUMVIj_CvM3kxdkk8PX2pLLAJskw_"

The \ character at the end of the fist “line” signals bash the text on the next line is part of the command. i.e. as it were written all on one line. So be sure you include it if you don’t type the command all on the same line. (abcd typed his example all on the same “line” but the line got wrapped making it look like two lines)

If you do type the entire command on the same line, you don’t need the \ character.
Note: in this instance, one line, or the same line means typing all of the text, disregarding any line wrapping that may occur, then hitting Enter

That’ll do the download. If the directory you have the app in is the same as the one in the download command, it’d be a good idea to make a copy of the current version before you do the download.

Otherwise, download the file untar it and reboot.


Rebooted and ready to move on


You missed last step

cd ~/mm2

sudo tar xvzf modesmixer2_rpi2-3_deb9_20180616.tgz 

sudo reboot


Yep, sure did! Thanks for catching that.


got it and works like a charm. You both I want to say I appreciate your help.


Good to hear it.


Thanks for raising the issue to directly wget from Google Cloud Storage.

By the way, did you try adding this feature?

How-to Read / Set Gain from SkyView and Gmap

Glad to know it worked for you.


I have not gone after the gain part as of yet.


I’m in a rural area (small town, pop 900) and the nearest RFI is 25+ miles away. The high power sources are a bit more than twice that. When I first set it up, I experimented with various gain settings for a couple of weeks. Turned out that the setting that works best is AGC. So, something of a set it and forget it affair.


Just changed to PIAWARE stretch and reloaded modesmixer and it seems to be running fine.

so far :slight_smile:


The latest version for “Pi2/Pi3+Stretch” is

Did you download the above noted latest version, or older version below: