Feed piaware from VRS / FR24?

Hey, y’all… I have a plane finder receiver at home, and I want to share the data from it to piaware via raspberry pi 3 B+. The problem is that the receiver uses its own output format called Plane finder radar format.
So I used VRS to convert the data into AVR, and feed the data to FR24 on my pi… and it worked. FR24 has an output port of RAW data, SBS feed & decoded data… now the question is … what format / source should i use to feed piaware, and how?

Not sure FA want the data after it’s been massaged that much

can i share data directly from VRS?

piaware wants the original messages (not synthesized messages) in Beast format.

mlat is unlikely to work if it’s been through format changes.


I have tried using modesmix 2 on pi to convert the AVR data into beast format … i tinkered with the mm2 conf file couple of times but it cannot get the AVR data into mm2 :sweat:

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