How-to Get VRS-Like Coverage Map on RPi


Just checked, its the 80616


Couple Questions, I have been trying to find in the forum for modesmixer but is there a way to turn on bandwidth and also a way to change date format to US version 8/11 vs 11/8


My Modesmixer site is refusing connection

anyone else getting this today. My standard dump1090 works fine

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.



Connection refused means that the server is not listening on that particular port.
I see it all of the time with firewalled connections where the service hasn’t been started but the connectivity is allowed.


Yes a reboot fixed it. I wonder what caused it to crash ??? the Flightaware dump1090 didnt


had same issue after a recent norton security update on my pc. not only blocked modesmixer but also ssh to rpi…:weary:


Here is the ModeSMixer2 installation script I have prepared for myself. I would now like to share it to make things easy for others as well. However following points should be noted:

  1. The version of ModeSMixer2 which the script downloads from Google Drive is current version for Pi 2 / 3 Raspbian Stretch (modesmixer2_rpi2-3_deb9_20180616.tgz). When new version is released, the script will require updating.

  2. It is based on user pi (i.e. pi@raspberrypi or pi@piaware). The installation path is hard coded to /home/pi/mm2

STEP 1 of 4

Create a new file, make it executable, and open it for editing

sudo touch /home/pi/ 
sudo chmod +x /home/pi/
sudo nano /home/pi/


STEP 2 of 4

In the new blank file, copy-paste code given below. Save file (Ctrl+o) and close file (Ctrl+x)

Following is the code to be copy-pasted in file


echo "creating folder mm2"
sudo mkdir /home/pi/mm2

echo "downloading modeSMixer2 file from Google Drive"
sudo wget -O /home/pi/mm2/modesmixer2_rpi2-3_deb9_20180616.tgz ""

echo "entering into folder mm2"
cd /home/pi/mm2

echo "unzipping downloaded file"
sudo tar xvzf modesmixer2_rpi2-3_deb9_20180616.tgz

echo "creating starting script"
sudo touch /home/pi/mm2/

echo "writing code to file"

sudo chmod 777 $FILE

/bin/cat <<EOM >$FILE
/home/pi/mm2/modesmixer2 \\
 --inConnectId \\
 --inConnectId \\
 --web 8787 \\
 --location xx.xxxx:yy.yyyy \\

sudo chmod +x $FILE

echo "writing start-up to file /etc/rc.local"
sudo sed -i '/fi/a \
/home/pi/mm2/ & \
' /etc/rc.local

echo " "
echo " "
echo "(1) Edit file /home/pi/mm2/ and in the following line and"
echo "    rereplace xx.xxxx and yy.yyyy by your actual latitude and longitude"
echo " "
echo "    --location xx.xxxx:yy.yyyy \ "
echo " "
echo "(2) Reboot Pi"
echo " "

exit 0


STEP 3 of 4

Run the file

cd /home/pi
sudo ./


STEP 4 of 4

When script completes installation:
It will announce completion, and will also ask you to:

  • Edit file /home/pi/mm2/ and replace xx.xxxx : yy.yyyy by yor actual latitude and longitude
  • Reboot Pi

Announcing PiAware 3! (Latest version: 3.6.3)

Made it easier for RPI 2/3 running Stretch

Requires that you are user pi, i.e. like pi@piaware or pi@raspberrypi or pi@your_name etc.

(1) Download and run installation script

sudo apt-get install git

cd ~/  
git clone 
cd mm2  

(2) After installation is completed, give following command to open file for editing

sudo nano ~/mm2/  

In above file, replace xx.xxxx:yy.yyyy by your actual latitude and longitude.

Save (Ctrl+o) and Close (Ctrl+x)

(3) Reboot PI
sudo reboot

(4) Open your browser and type:



Nice, thanks.
PS: What, abcd567 was taken on Github?


YES, someone else has already taken abcd567, that is why I had to add an extra "a" after abcd567


Rotten people :slight_smile:


Identity theft.:sweat_smile:

I would check to make sure the girlfriend’s phone numbers you keep on the RPi are safe.:rofl:


I just did a clone of the flight aware stretch and was going to add mode s mixer but it says unknown command GIT


Hmm, my system already had Git. you can: sudo apt-get install git


This happenes if git is not already installed. I have now added command to install git.


Worked like a champ, Bought a new Micro SD card so I can have clean everything. Now its back up and running just fine.

Thanks for your hard work. Its the best.

Now if I could figure out how to get bandwidth going.


Glad to know that you could install modeSMixer2 using the script.

The bandwidth meter measures bandwidth of output data . As your modeSMixer2 is not feeding anything like VRS or Basestation etc, the bandwidth meter will show zero.


Hi all

I have managed to get modeSmixer2 working with no problems thanks to all the info everyone has posted :slight_smile:

I can now get stats similar to VRS when away from home

however is there a way to use leaflet maps instead of Google maps? im not keen on signing up for an API

on VRS I use leaflet maps and it works very well,

hopefully someone knows a way to use leaflet with modeSmixer2

cheers Mark


In Radarspotting forum, there is a thread “ModeSDeco2 and ModeSMixer2 - console programs for RTLSDR and transcoding”, where sergsero (the author of modeSDeco2/modeSMixer2) often shows up and answers questions.

Incidently, I have posted this question there 3 days ago (CLICK HERE) , and am waiting for reply. Please keep checking there, and if sergsero gives an answer, please post it here for benefit of other members.


Thanks adcd567 for info…and for allot of the useful info on this site.

I will keep an eye on radarspotting for related posts regarding this…I like you don’t want to sign up for a google code.

It’s a pity google decided to do this.

Cheers mark