I am a new user. I have a Raspberry Pi and running OS X 10.11.4. The Raspberry is conected to my router. The problem is FR24FEEDOSX only feeds when the computer is running. How can I feed 24/7 directly through with out running FR24FEEDOSX ?
Would appreaciate any help I can get.

Thanks mjmays

Take a look at Joe’s scripts.

Thank you, I’ll try to figure it all out. A programmer I’m Not.

If you can handle a few Linux commands you will be fine. Try it on a second sd card so you can easily revert to your current setup.
The scripts were put together by someone that wanted to be able to quickly and simply build piawares.
It takes 15-20 minutes,gives you a much better, if DEV, version of dump1090 and allows you to feed your choice of sites.

He also has almost-ready-to-use images up for his script package: … tag/v2.0.1

You just have to SSH in and run through a fairly straightforward setup process to configure your accounts, location, gain, etc.

I haven’t yet updated to v2, but setup for v1 at least was easy enough.

Thank you all for the replies. The second SD card is a good idea because I will mess it up at least a couple of times.

Thanks again

He has had “ready to use SD images” available for a month or so. The hardest part for me was unzipping them(I had to transfer the image to an RPI, load 7-zip, unzip then transfer it back to the PC to burn to the SD card. There could be a version that works on PCs).