How to fix apt autoremove destruction?

EDIT: FIXED after more messing around. Probably should have waited before I posted.

So I just thought I would update my raspberry pi flightaware image from the command line and saw there was some packages I could remove with ‘apt autoremove’. Didn’t pay any attention and just figured it was normal. Well it removed EVERYTHING related to piaware and now I can’t get it back to normal. I reinstalled every package on the list that it autoremoved but I’m still not back up. I think my feeder is working (piaware-status looks good) but the status page shows nothing: Theres no link on the radar webpage (the page that shows all the flights) to my site statistics either. My dongle has the tendency to stop working randomly so that status page is vital, can’t live without it.

I’ve tried reinstalling piaware-web and piaware-release a couple times with no effect. Am I completely hosed and have to reflash the piaware sdcard image?

Lessen here is NEVER EVER autoremove packages on a piaware image, not unless you want ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to break.

SOLUTION: It was seemingly an issue with lighttp not loading SOMETHING so I went through the configs and found one not loaded. 50-piaware.conf was in /etc/lighttpd/conf-available but wasnt symlinked into conf-enabled. So I did:
ln -s /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/50-piaware.conf /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/50-piaware.conf
and then restart lighttpd and everything is working now. Yay!

You probably upgraded to 8.1 with apt directly before 8.2 was available. See the PiAware 8 release thread which mentions this:


Known Issues

  • Upgrading via sudo apt full-upgrade will errorneously remove the piaware-release package. Please avoid upgrading using this for now as this will be fixed in a minor release shortly.

It wasn’t a full-upgrade that caused the issue so I don’t think that post wouldn’t have saved me. I did the normal apt upgrade and rebooted with everything working perfect and It wasn’t until I thought to clean things up that it broke. I just need to pay better attention to what packages are in the autoremove list.

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