Problem with Cntrol Panel



I’ve got a problem with my control panel items on my new site. It seems to be missing some fields. Any idea on how to get them back?

Old site has

Auto-update PiAware software
Mode S Multilateration (MLAT)
Send command to device
Remove Feeder Site

in the control panel but my new site control panel doesn’t have these settings. How can I get them activated please>


Your new site can’t see any installed piaware debian packages so it is assuming it is a manual install and makes very few assumptions about what can be done with it.

How did you install piaware?


I manually installed v3 onto my RPi3.

That’s the same way I installed my other receiver and that didn’t seem to mind on version 2.


Can you explain what you mean by “manually installed”? Did you install a prebuilt package? Did you build a package from source and install that? Did you build from source and install directly without packaging?


I installed it from the .deb file. I didn’t use ANY prebuilt images.


But you did use the prebuilt .deb?
That should be fine. Not sure what’s gone wrong.

Can you try a “sudo dpkg --configure -a” and see if that does anything?


Can you try a “sudo dpkg --configure -a” and see if that does anything?

  • Nothing showed on screen

I used this one



I"m having the same issue.

I installed using this guide:

I used same install method on two RPi’s at the same time, so i’m not quite sure what went wrong.

I’m new to all this, can you help?


Can you both try running this (the exact command is important, make sure you get the quotes correct in particular):

dpkg-query --showformat '${binary:Package} ${Version} ${Status}
' --show '*piaware*'

and report the results?

This is the command that piaware runs to identify installed piaware packages; it is not working as expected on your systems.


Just for kicks, I did it and got:

piaware 3.1.0 install ok installed


piaware 3.1.0 install ok installed
piaware-repository 3.1.0 install ok installed


Aha, ok, I see the bug. I’ll fix that for the next piaware release. Thanks!

In the meantime you should be able to work around it by:

piaware-config image-type piaware_package
sudo systemctl restart piaware


Yep that worked, thanks

Needed a sudo before the first command though