How to enable Wireless (wifi) on FlightAware Provided Pi?


I have FlightAware provided Raspberry Pi 3 Model B aKa, PiAware ,
As raspberry pi 3 is capable of having Wireless Connections , and have Bluetooth + Wifi inbuilt
i want to know how to enable it?

I googled alot of forum’s and pages, but all saying to install the NOOBS or raspberian on it, As PiAware FLightAware box come already installed with Its Own software that does not support WIFI and Bluetooth :confused:
Developers of the software please help :slight_smile:



If you have a FlightFeeder Orange (you can tell if you have this because… it’s orange :wink:) you can enable wifi via the touchscreen.
If you have a metal-box FlightFeeder, the internal wifi is disabled because having a wifi transmitter inside a metal box right next to the ADS-B receiver is not a great idea. You can add an external wifi dongle if you need wifi; mail and they can give you instructions.