How to configure the units in metric by default ?

How to configure the units in metric** by default** in skyview ? (Not just in the right-hand menu !)

IIRC that setting is persisted in browser local storage.

I do not understand :confused:
How to modify this parameter

If you change the setting on the map, that change will be stored in your browser so the next time you use the map from the same browser it will have remembered your setting.

:blush: Sorry this does not work on my browser (Firefox 54.0.1 64bits), switching to metric does not change anything. With each new launch the card is always in imperial

Oh, right, this is probably a bug that only affects firefox which is fixed for the next (not yet released) version.
(It works OK in Chrome)

It is one of the issues fixed here:

:slight_smile: Yes Actually it’s ok with chrome! , But how does git pull? , Or it finds the folder git dump1090 to make git pull

Here’s a bigger question. Why would you want to do this?

I ask, because there are very few places (Russia and China) whose altitude readouts are in Metric, while everywhere else in the world uses English. So unless you are either living in those places or tracking flights in those countries, every flight uses English units of measurement for flights.

Speed obviously is different issue as that is different depending on country. But Metric units for altitude is very limited, with less than 3 countries using it.


Altitude is a thorny one, but for speed/distance for ground tracks it’s much easier if they’re in the units you’re used to dealing with, be they metric or imperial. Not many people regularly think in NM / kts.

Once TAS/IAS starts appearing I could see an argument for keeping those in kts since for IAS especially it’s not a speed in the sense you’d usually deal with.

Yes, but how to update dump1090 via ?

If you are happy with working via the command line then you can git clone the current dev branch and copy the contents of public_html to /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html

Otherwise I suggest you wait for the next release which will include the fix.

:smiley: This solution suits me perfectly

This solution is OK why Firefox :wink:
I took the dev branch !
Thank @obj