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5.0 SkyAware Date Time L10N

My update to 5.0 appears to have gone smoothly but I’m noticing differences between rendering of date/time between Safari and Chrome (both are UK versions with British English)

The strange thing is this is working fine for me on Safari but not on Chrome!

Since I’m in UK, how do I configure the localisation of date/time to force it to show my personal preference of DD/MM/YYYY plus 24 hour clock and NOT M/DD/YYYY h:mm:ss AM/PM which is what I currently see in Chrome ?

Picture shows Chrome at the top and Safari below

I guess it’s possible there is some cache issue post update, but any advice on how to “correct” :wink: the date/time would be much appreciated.

Check Chrome’s settings under settings > advanced > languages > language

The date/time format is the browser’s default, which should be localized appropriately based on how the browser is configured.

Thanks for the swift response. Strange thing is the settings appear correct to me…

…and no other site that shows date/time appears to show it in “US” format.
So my initial assumption was is was an issue with SkyAware and how it obtains the locale.

Problem solved. Chrome now showing my prefered format for date/time…

I had to dig a little deeper into the language settings and force a relaunch of the browser

Problem was that “English” rather than “English (United Kingdom)” was set for “This language is used to display the Google Chrome UI

So a simple switch and Relaunch solved the problem.

Thanks the the pointer to the problem.
Issue resolved :slight_smile: