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Can you save SkyAware-map settings?

Hi everyone,

Since a week i’m feeding Flightaware, and it’s great :smiley:
I have a question:

Is it possible to set the SkyAware-map with you’re own settings and then save it?
for example: set to metric, range rings, dwd radolan works perfect. But everytime I log in, I have to set it again.


here are some settings here

Or here for dump978

I don’t see a setting for metric.

My settings seem to be saved (Map types etc). What browser are you using? Maybe it is set to anonymous mode.

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Thank you.
It works fine now

For version 5, newly released, you may need to change it here.

eric1tranFlightAware Staff

PiAware 5.0 - #31 by eric1tran)

You may need to add it to /usr/share/skyaware/html/config.js until we remove dump1090-fa map

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