Flightaware shows metres and kilometres per hour

Flightaware shows metres and kilometres per hour in flight tracking windows. Isn’t it true that only Russia and China use metric for flight? So why does Flightaware default that way? I’m in Canada, but knots, nautical miles and feet are always used in aviation, with statute miles for visibility.

It is a per-user preference. Click on the gear wheel above the flight data block to change it. It does default to NM/ft/kts here, though that may depend on where geolocation says you are.

(Note that while NM/ft/kts are much more common in the aviation world, they are not necessarily familiar to a random user of FlightAware who is not particularly involved in the aviation industry, if at all)

I’m not involved in the aviation industry but like a lot of people I think in miles and feet. When I look at the map, 100% of aircraft being tracked are cleared to feet and knots. The random user who uses the site and who wants to understand more about aviation will have to adapt to feet and knots, whether they listen to Live ATC, read articles or discussion forums about aviation, talk to anyone interested in flying or use any other flight tracking sites or apps. In any case, I’m not some random user, I’m actually a member of the site making a suggestion. It’s possible to click on a flag to show the site in a different language without having to log in, so please include a way to change units without logging in.

Thank you.

Your best bet is to log in (or stay logged in) so that your particular preferences apply.

like a lot of people I think in miles and feet

Much of Europe, Australasia, and Asia doesn’t, though - there is no one default that’s going to be right for everyone.

I don’t think I’ll bother. I made a simple suggestion to include a provision to change units without the need to log in, which you ignored. Recent changes to this website have made it less user-friendly than before, and as a result I’ve been using three other flight tracking and virtual radar sites a lot more, which I will continue to do.

Thanks for your time.