How does Ranking via "Votes" work

Trying to figure out how photos are ranked or arranged in the “Votes” mode. The pattern that puts them in the order in which they are found does not seem readily apparent.

For example, in my own set, the picture in the first position has the most votes of all, with an average of what looks to be 4, which is understandable.
But then the photo in the 3rd position has a total of 10 votes with an average of 4, ahead of the one in 4th position with a total of 12 votes and also an average of 4.

Unsure of this ranking so I looked at # of views as a factor.

But rankings below those listed above, with quite a varied amount of views, are all over the map.

Does anyone know the formula used by FA to rank photos based on votes?

Thanks for any help!


It’s a combination of votes and number of votes. The comparison uses numbers before they are rounded for presentation on the website i.e. not all displayed 4s are created equal.

Hey thanks for the reply!

Are you aware of a formula that’s used for this?