Photo Voting still Buggy


Numerous errors are happening with photo votes, even after the page redesign.

If I click on a voting star, I see the message that says “thanks.”

Sometimes the vote counter raises by one and shows that my vote has been received - but when I go back to the photo itself, there is no vote. Even if I refresh, etc.

Sometimes the vote counter does not raise at all, even after I’ve voted. So I can click on a vote 3-4 times, each time receiving the “thanks” confirmation, but the photo never receives the corresponding vote.

I have also had a couple of instances of the following:

I vote “5” on a photo that has no previous votes. I go back to the photo in normal view and it shows only one vote, but that vote is recorded as a “1”.

Weird, eh?


Thanks. I forwarded your message to the photos team who has been pushing out a lot of fixes over the last couple days.


Also, I’ve added a display of the current average rating. This gets updated immediately and should help reassure you that your vote is being counted.

Thank you for helping us improve photos.


I suspect the problem is not completely solved, and do not have the time to fix it right now. Will let you know when it is ready.

Thanks for your help!