Eliminate Voting In Photos - Rate Only by Number of Views


Lately I have posted numerous photo in FA and within a very short time it gets a vote of 1 (sometimes is less than 5 minutes).
Since these are my photos that I have spend time in post processing, adding metadata and comments to the pictures, then it must be a vote of 5 - just kidding, but for sure those photos are NOT 1 vote (poor) quality (in the context of other similar photos).
This seems to be a rampant issue not only with my photos but many others, like someone, or bot, or whatever, making this happen.
This is very discouraging and makes the voting almost meaningless because this is obviously not moderated.

I am considering not posting anymore photos to FA because of this issue.

I have posted to Jetphotos.net and the opposite problem is true. Jetphotos is well moderated and every photo submitted is reviewed, but they are at the other end of the scale in terms of accepting photos. I gave up on them because their editor(s) and my judging in photo quality are at odds (based on their rejection criteria that are not correct in my opinion). They seem overwhelmed (and biased) given the number of days that it takes to review a photo.

Anyway, eliminate voting in FA photos or make it so it is meaningful.


I’ve noticed the same issue since long time, with mine as well as many other photos when recently added.
There’s possibly just one person giving score of 1 to many pictures at once, no matter if they are good or not. I agree with “rafaelz” my pictures are all original, selected and results of time-consuming processing…so they deserve a fair evaluation.
Until a few years ago I was posting images on Planespotters, then I gave up because it was too slow (maximum 5 pictures in screening process, with sometimes very long-taking screening) and too picky, although many times not fair.


While I disagree with the suggestions of eliminating voting on the pictures in the gallery, I do think some voters may be hiding behind the anonymity it provides and are exhibiting troll-like behavior. OK, maybe many of my photographs are only worthy of a one or two star rating, that’s up to the voter. But, they were not taken during the banana-pass at an airshow nor were they taken on the ground at sunset with $10k worth of studio lighting either.

So, lets consider either identifying the voters or giving them some check-boxes for what they liked or did not like about the photo they’re voting on. Beyond that, how about the voters themselves just step out from behind the curtain and leave a comment?

Also, anybody else up for a photography forum/discussion thread?

Thanks for your time and consideration.