Picture voting


Ok I am having a problem voting on pictures and I don’t think I’m the only one due to the low votes on pictures. Cant any one help me out? Is any one else having this problem?


Yeah I can’t vote on any photos as well. Might be a glitch.


Same here…


Humm hope its fixed soon.




Guido W’s photos uploaded today all have votes, interesting.


Yes I seen thet strang…


It’s as if people are posting bad pictures just to taunt me… :frowning:


Aw, shoot! Who told you the secret?


It appears that voting is broken on the main page: flightaware.com/photos/

But voting works on individual photo pages: flightaware.com/photos/view/1179 … tes/page/1

Can you guys confirm this is the problem?


Still not working, plus can’t get to forums on firefox, only can access on IE??


It will not let me vote on anything even individuals how long will it be down?


Are you guys using any ad blocking software?

We’re having no problem in the forums and photo voting in Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.


I am running IE and I have no ad blocker.


Same here on IE


Photo voting works for me from the “Photos” page on both IE and FireFox


I have no ad blocker and running Google Chrome.


Doesn’t work for me on four different devices, including Safari on iOS so definitely no ad blocking there.


Chrome, no ad blocker, works fine.


Now Im working.