how do u display national map with airplanes instead of dots


just had a question concerning nationwide mapping of live aircraft… how can you display a nationwide map of current aircraft activity to appear just as the local/regional maps do with the airplane icons rather than red dots? I’ve seen on CNN where this was accomplished as they were showing the nationwide maps with airplane icons live back on Thanksgiving but I can’t seem to find where it is.



There’s a username that’ll get you nowhere. :unamused:


We offer nationwide (actually further, as far as our coverage goes) maps of specific aircraft types or airline fleets, but not of all air traffic. Trying to display 5000+ aircraft icons would just clutter up the screen.

  1. My username wasn’t chosen to be offensive or to express immaturity, it’s just a name I’ve used for years relating to an incident that occurred in my life.

  2. CNN actually showed a live map that cluttered up the screen and it was nationwide image of all aircraft a few days before Thanksgiving Day. They also stated the source was So I’m surprised I can’t access it.


We often produce custom animations for news agencies that are not available to the general public.