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Does anyone else hate the new display map

Does anyone else hate the newer map display with showing all aircraft? Is there a way to turn it off or go back to the old format? With the older map, one could see all the major airport status with the weather radar. Now, everything is covered with aircraft and you can’t see anything?

There is a layer selection tool where you can select which layers are displayed. The option should be included there. Additionally, I would say the aircraft should not display by default until the zoom level is high enough that airborne aircraft following each other do not overlap.

I have tried the various layers with no luck. All I have on is Classic Layer with Sunlit Earth and Nearby Airports.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I wasn’t suggesting that there IS an option there to turn it off, but that there SHOULD be.


There used to be a box to show or not show nearby flights. I use the KSAT map to look at wx radar, now there are too many planes to do that.

I also have a problem with the new display. Particularly on the android version 5.6.3;
The other day it stopped giving the WEATHER option on the Airport Detail screen. I view KSFO mostly. The selections on that screen used to be NEARBY FLIGHTS, WEATHER and then the 3-dot menu for liveatc/simplelayout. Now the selections are NEARBY FLIGHTS and Directions to the airport.
What gives? Why can’t I see weather any more?

Today I went to the browse by aircraft type and typed in MD88 to see the last Delta’s, why does the map show everything in the sky?

Same thing a week ago when tracking a specific flight, everything in central Texas clutters the map!?