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How do I track unknown aircraft

I was flying near KIAG on Monday and a C-130 was also flying around. I’d love to show our interactions on the flightaware chart or my Google Earth download. But they didn’t give their callsign. I know date/time and a nearby airport. How can I find that data? If I could just replay Time+/-10 minutes with all traffic in area, I’d be able to see it.

Sorry if this is a strange request.

Try AdsbExchange. They track military aircraft.

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Flightaware (and Flightradar24 as well) are usually hiding military aircraft.
You could try it via ADSBExchange or Radarbox24 with their history functions.

ADSBexchange is always my go to for anything that doesn’t appear elsewhere.

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Thank you all! I ended up finding it on Flightradar24 which allowed me to replay history for a display-area over a block of time. That is were I saw the callsign “Otis 12” for the C-130 I saw. Flightaware was able to provide the KML I was looking for.

I was able to overlay the KML from my EFB and the KML from Flightaware to show how we were flying together. Blue dots are mine, black “wall” is the C-130.