How do I report a bug in dump1090-fa?


I’ve been using PiAware for a few days and I like it very much, but there is a small bug in the PiAware web page: I can’t change the units to Metric (that is I can change it, but nothing happens).

The Firefox console says “ReferenceError: event is not defined in script.js:1461:9”, and that is this:

function onDisplayUnitsChanged(e) {
    var displayUnits =;

Either the “e” parameter should be “event” or vice versa. says I should report it on here, but there is no Issues tab like on other github pages.

What can I do to report it? (Of course I changed it locally in /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/script.js)


Thanks for the report. This is actually already fixed for the next release here: … cb9ef45aea
I’ll see if I can get github issues turned on for that repository.