faup1090 and piaware


I’m running my piaware on an i386 Ubuntu Linux system. I was able to feed messages from piaware to FlightAware.com using version 1.19 or so. After upgrading to version 2.1.2, I was unable to send a single message to FlightAware.com. It took me ages to figure out that the newer version of piaware is using some kind of pipe to get the data from faup1090 while the older version connects to port 10001 to get its data from faup1090.

To get piaware working using the “old” faup1090 binary, I created a script to launch faup1090 and afterwards launch the command “nc localhost 10001” to read data from faup1090 on port 10001 and write this data to stdout.

Now I have two questions:

  1. When was this change implemented?
  2. Where can I get the source code of faup1090 to build my own i386 Linux version?

However, this is a cool tool and application and I’m really surprised how many planes I can see around my house!

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  1. Where can I get the source code of faup1090 to build my own i386 Linux version?

github.com/mutability/dump1090 (not a typo)

As you’re on a debian-like system, I’d suggest you use piaware_builder to build all the right bits and package them correctly: github.com/flightaware/piaware_builder. This handles tcllauncher / piaware / faup1090 / fa-mlat-client

Hello obj,

thanks for your quick reply. After building faup1090 from the source you provided, I had to get the latest piaware source as well in order to get faup1090 lauched with the option “–stdout” which is now required to force faup1090 to write the results to stdout.

Thanks a lot!

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Yes - if you are building from github HEAD then you’ve got a development version and you may need a few other things to glue it together.

If you want a release version, build with the versions from one of the piaware_builder tags.

Can somebody show step by step what i need to do for run piaware in Ubuntu Linux i386? i don’t know anything about github and this things.


I think this should work:http://discussions.flightaware.com/ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/ads-b-feeder-receiver-setup-scripts-t36532.html