How Did I Become So Cool?

I’ve never heard of this site before and have no idea how they know of me. Here is a 30 second sound bite. Audio Only!!

Someone emailed me about the above. Nice site;

As the saying goes… If I have to tell you how cool I am, Then I’m just not that cool…

That is cool…

Purty cool. So your name might be Frank Holbert? :laughing:

HAHA I just listened to it- Okay Frank you’re cool 8)

I just wanna know Frank…when does your book come out. :laughing:

Very cool.

Sarah Palin has the printing press tied up right now.

Isn’t there an old saying about your 15 seconds of fame?

I think I’ll write a book about my life in the Middle East. Gonna call it “Waiting for 27 Virginians”

Frank had about 30 seconds of fame… :smiley:

That’s a good thing.

[Cameron from “Ferris Bueller” voice]Frank Holbert…you’re my hero!![/Cameron from “Ferris Bueller” voice]

I went to, but nothing happened. I think your link is broken, Frank.

(Before anyone flames me - I know, I know. My subtle attempt at humor.)

not nots, knots!

Ohhh, I got WiserTime! That is funny!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: