You'd think I was famous!


Got my flightaware t-shirt in the mail on Friday and walked into the FBO on Sat morning – you’d think I was famous based on the reaction! I couldn’t make it through with everyone asking me where I got the shirt. I was amazed at how many people know about the web site. Nobody seemed to know you can get buy the tshirts, probably because the link is not on many pages but I saw it on the birthday page – it’s here:

Now I need to order 6 more so I can wear one every day!


P.S. I got the dark blue one (same color as FA logo? Not sure.) with the white logo. I wasn’t sure if I was a L or a M but I didn’t want it baggy so I got a M and it fit so I think the sizes may run a tad large.


I can hear them now “Hey look, he’s got a T-shirt he must work for the site!” Thanks for the link I knew they had them but didn’t remember where.