i just came across by accident , flightaware has a birthday page . and from there one can pruchase nice t-shirts with the logo. Any hat’s in the future? The t-shirt page, or flightaware merchandise page, shouldn’t that be exposed more?


You might try looking under “Announcements”.


I’d like a hat, too, and asked about that a few weeks ago. I think I was told there was a color or size issue, so maybe down the road we can get that resolved.

We also link to the merchandise on the About FlightAware page and I don’t know where else we should link to it from.


while going back to see what i have written it has become aware to me… why not place on the opening page where the other ads are… place an ad for flightawre merchandise… or in the upper banner… something to catch ones eye without being tackey…


It’s linked in the upper right now.