Wait on the porch sipping ice tea waiting for your pax.

I may sell my Super Viking and get one of these.

blogs.wsj.com/wealth/2010/05/10/ … ivate-jet/

That thing lost 2 engines!

That’s cool! Looks like two larger engines…

I know you’re joking, but seriously, who would shell out millions of $ to buy a jet and sit on that balcony in a folding chair at a card table and watch a zebra walk by? Whose the genius that thought that up?

It’s an RV on wings!

I don’t get it?

WOW frank- that was the RV I was thinking of also

So whats the story of that RV?

:laughing: He just wanted some good pics! :laughing:

That picture - I’ve got it as the background on my computer in the corner of my living room. It barely ever gets used, but every now and then someone will come over and need to use a computer. They always remark on that pic, to which I tell them that it’s of a tragic plane crash, taken at the exact moment the plane impacted the ground - and I don’t think I’ve ever had someone doubt me!

:laughing: :laughing:

Notice the wheel pants under the plane that does not match the RV.

You mean the white thing with the red stripes???

That’s the PROP, Frank! The prop…(cue facepalm)

Even I knew what that was! :laughing:

Come on, who would use a prop for wheel pants?

Holy crap it is! I was just testing you guys…

:laughing: Its ok Frank…we all have our senior moments…

Won’t be long and they’ll be constant… :blush: