How can I delete my own ADS-B location?


Hello@alI played around too much on a receiver and now unfortunately have 2 ADS-B receivers in my profile. How can I delete one of them?


Receivers are automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity.


ok, i have recover my first id.


Do you mean that sites are deleted after 30 days of activity? If so, when that happens does the feeder-id of that site become invalid or can it be used subsequently to resurrect the site?


Old sites are marked as inactive and not deleted. Inactive sites will not show up in your my-ADSB sites.

Old sites can be brought back with the same site id if set the feeder-id in your piaware-config settings.


how can i access inactive sites ? once i was on a page that listed everything (not the stats)
but cant remember how to get to it.


While logged in to your account, go to following page. It lists all the feeder-id(s) you have ever used.


thanks abcd. that did it !