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How do I remove old feeder sites?

I the link above it lists 3 of my older receivers, how can I remove them?

Go to your stats page from that link. Make sure you’re logged in to the FlightAware site, as you are when you post in these forums. You’ll see a gear icon to the right of your sites. Click the icon. If the site has been dormant for a couple of days you’ll have the option of removing it manually. If it remains dormant then it’s automatically removed after a month anyway.


3 I have are from 2015, 2015, and 2016. It don’t see an option to remove in the configure window.

Only options like Airport, MLAT, location etc…

I’m just posting from memory. I might be wrong, in which case someone else or a FA staffer will be able to advise.

We keep the user/site association forever, so they’ll always show up on the “claim” page. The site itself is retired and will disappear from your stats page after it’s been inactive for a while. If the same ID later starts feeding again, the existing site will be revived.


I installed my new receiver by fault using a new ID, but wanted to have it running on my existing ID.

So i changed ID and after 24 hours the link to remove appeared in the gear window of the previous ID/site

I see the claim page shows the feeder-id for my active site. Does it show the feeder-id for old sites too (I don’t know since I only have the one active site)? If so, that’s handy to know – a kind of backup of the ID in case an old site can be resurrected and the ID is needed.

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Yeah it shows old IDs.

Nice one thanks for confirming.

For inactive stations, only feeder-id is saved, the station number is NOT saved. If you use any such feeder-id again, you will NOT get old station number, a brand new number will be alloted.

I have 11 feeder-ids on my claim page, out of which only 4 have site mumbers (items 1, 3, 10 & 11 in screenshot below)


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That’s useful to know, thanks.