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Deleting old feeder-ids

I noticed that on the claims page my account is still associated with 7 feeder-ids. I currently have one station. I seem to recall there was an option in the past to delete them, but no longer, or I cannot find it.

Please note that I’m not talking about the option that appears in the gear box, for a recently inactive site, but old old ones on the claims page.


Why would you care?

You got the claim page as a start page in your browser? :slight_smile:

Anyway in my experience they will delete themselves eventually.

‘Anal’ house keeping, that’s all.:smiley:

Some are 2 or 3 years old, and perhaps predates the id changes of a couple of years ago.

My score is 11 :slight_smile:

3 active, 8 inactive



11, only? :smiley:

I deactivated my second station. I simply cannot find the reason why it stops randomly. The original one is still rock solid.

I’ll find another use for the RPi. Thinking of an FT8 spotter or something like that.

I’m surprised by how much use my SatNOGS station is getting from a couple of European users.