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Deleting Sites from Flight Aware

Hi all,

I’m new to FA, so please be gentle :slight_smile: I’ve looked through the FAQs and Topics in this discussion forum and cannot find the information I need.

I have created multiple sites under my account as I’ve swapped receivers etc. How do I delete the inactive sites under my account and control? I cannot see a delete button.

Many thanks


A button will appear after 30 days.


Oooo Ta. I wish it would be more readily available. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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You can transfer a number between receivers:

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Brilliant. That’ll do the job nicely. I’ll save my configs for each receiver, complete with their id number and that should work.
Many thanks again.

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I was able to delete a second site which was created accidentially on rebuilding my Raspberry after 24 hours.

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Maybe 30 days was the older number… the important thing is to re-use the same ID with piaware config.

yes, very likely

I set it up some weeks ago and missed the part entering the previous ID, so i had a second one created which i then was able to delete the next day following the guidlines.

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