Hero pilot averts airshow disaster - Video . . .


Hero pilot averted air show disaster . . . Video is less than 2 minutes and worth the watch!!

Click Here YouTube video.

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Video this video is taken from a frontal view of the departure.


They wanted a photo-op, they got one! :open_mouth:


HOW THE HELL- did he get that BEAST stopped before there were less trees at the end of the runway?


This happened back in May 2009; the CAA report has just been issued which is why the press have suddenly ‘discovered’ the story.

Much debate over on PPRuNe at the time, including claims of censorship. Expect new regulations regarding these ‘fast taxi’ demos, if not an outright ban. As always it only takes on idiot (civvy co-pilot(sic)) to ruin it :imp:


Amazing. Wonder how long the runway was? God had His hand on those pilots.