Help for an aircraft mech


My hubby retires from the Navy and wants to work for an airline or private company. He has experience with all types of aircraft. I know many of you fly them but would you have any tips on how to find a job for a private company as an aircraft mechanic? He would like to get away from the military part of it, 20 years was enough for him :slight_smile:


One can make more money as an automobile mechanic than a general aviation mechanic. You’d think that airplane owners are all wealthy people who don’t mind paying the extra money for good service, but I can tell you that is not the case. Pilots are some of the cheapest individuals as a group that i know of. Allen? CanadaMooney? Erisajd? Do you agree?
There’s an old saying, “If you want to attract assholes, put up a windsock.”

Most airline mechanics (all?) are unionized, so that can be comforting to some people. There is a greater likelihood of making more money with an airline or a contractor for an airline.