I’m going to college for Aeronautical Science Flt Opt. Theres internships available with a few airlines including DL, AA, B6. I don’t know what airline I’d like to try an intern at but I was wondering what comes with being an intern at an airline?

First thing you need to do is CHANGE YOUR MAJOR !!!

Trust me on this, when it’s hiring time, no one gives a crap if you have an aviation degree. It’s all about experience and personality. You’re far better off getting a degree in anything else.

I think aviation jobs will turn around for those in their early 20’s now.

~Few air carrier pilots are retiring today. It will pick up again in 3 years when they hit the new 65 age rule.

~The military is doing a good job in retaining pilots.

~No longer are pilots learning to fly with 90% VA benefits. When I was doing that EVERYONE had a Comm, Inst, ME ticket.

~Flying has gotten really expensive and much fewer can afford to learn. There are very few pilots in the pipe.

~FBO’s no longer have the hardware for advance ratings. Used to be a FBO couldn’t stay in business without a couple of retracts and a twin.

~The FAA is hiring ATC’ers and needs 12,000 of them really soon, a result of the PATCO strike in 1981. Many of these will come from the pilot pool.

~Notice how the average age at your GA airport is 50+? It didn’t used to be like that. There used to be young kids everywhere washing planes. Explorer scouts and school field trips were always at the airport. At my airport the give ground school scholarships and they can’t find anyone to give them too.

I think soon there will be a real shortage of pilots and the airlines will lower the requirements and raise pay.

frank I hope you’re right :smiley:

It certainly won’t help that there are thousands…yes thousands, out on furlough.

Go into airport management…but don’t get sucked into the bureaucracy… Airports serve the users and the community, not the politico!

Unfortunately politics are a necessary evil in airport management (unless you work at the new Branson airport). Airport management can be a fun job, but there will be days when it feels like the world is against you.

The way it should be!

Key word…SHOULD

I’m not suggesting he should avoid aviation, just don’t get a DEGREE in aviation. Get a degree in finance, business, language, history, teaching, or whatever else floats your boat. Minor in or take lots of aviation related classes. The fact is, that IF things don’t work out in aviation, you’ll have training and knowledge to help you get another type of job.

aviation one is of my majors the second is International Business

My instrcuctor is 26 and a lot of the pilots at my local airport are under the age of 50. The guy that drives the fuel truck around the aiport is in college. I’ve never heard of taking field trips to an airport. Well if people didn’t apply for any of those scholarships then how were they supposed to find people? I wouldn’t suggest lowering requirements to have a spot in any field for the fact that in some way the company would be sacrificing safety to fill a left or right seat. The aviation industry is going to turn around with introduction and production of new aircraft heavy and not there is going to be a need to fill those seats. You have to also remember that theres a different need for pilots in different places and through the research that I’ve done I can see that LCC’s will have a higher demand for pilots than the Legacy carriers for the fact that low cost carriers don’t share the same burdens that legacy carries carry and this area is going to continue to expand which just might open the doors to many new pilots. I’ve know many pilots and I’ve spoken with many pilots military and legacy carrier. I was in Civil Air Patrol and one of the men there is a 767 Capt for AA and I’ve had many conversations about his experiences and what I should expect. I had convesation with a UAL Captain who was right seat and many more. There is with no doubt a need for new ATC workers.

To answer your original question about internships…

I did an internship with NetJets International, which is not an airline but a Part 91/135 fractional operator. I spend most of my time doing paperwork and any other thing the chief pilot or training manager wanted. I enjoyed it because everything I was able to do was a learning experience. The cool part was that I was able to use their full motion simulators if they had free time. It was fun, I was able to log .5 of Gulfstream V time. Not useful to me right now, but definitely something I won’t forget.

I have had many other friends do internships with other airlines. The one I remember best was one for skywest airlines. She did about the same things as I did, but she also had flight benefits and I believe she got a guaranteed interview, whenever the time came.

I enjoyed mine, I would do it again if I had the chance. The best part is if you work hard, and set a good example of yourself the company should take that in to consideration when you meet the requirements to apply for a job with them. Some have lower minimums, some will guarantee an interview, a head start is something that can help out at the right time.