What is your profession?


If you don’t mind sharing, what do you do?
I am a health care administrator.

I own a fire extinguisher sales & service company.

I operate a flight tracking service.

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I read discussion boards on flight tracking services.


Information Technology - I support 200+ users with their computer needs.

Former Technical Design Engineer in Avionics Systems at Boeing.

Retired :mrgreen:

Work part time for fun at Cabelas.

EDIT: Career change :slight_smile:

Would tell you but then I’d have to kill you.

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Blue dye guy for a Porta-potty company

Real Estate Broker

Buyer for Spirit Aerosystems and all around badass…

Better than the “In-Flight Knife Valve Opener” :open_mouth:

:smiley: :smiley:

Gronigle maker.

Stunt double for Mike Rowe (you don’t really think he gets that dirty, do you?)

dice tester in paradise.

Psych RN pays the bills but I want to be a lion tamer!

I’m a lion tamer that wants to be a Psych RN. Let’s talk about swapping jobs! :smiley:

IT and retired at the same time 8)

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In keeping with those who are taking this seriously:

First degree was in naval architecture.
Sailed in US merchant marine and obtained an unlimited license.
Next school larnin’ was physical oceanography and environmental engineering.
Became a marine surveyor and salvor.
Owned several environmental/oil spill response firms over the next 20 years and performed Superfund cleanups in NJ, TX, MO, NY, PA, MA and LA.
Lecturer in environmental response methods at Princeton, Rutgers, NJIT.
Self taught IT consultant to IBM, Lenovo and HP.
Disabled veteran.
Used to do some flying.

Sr. Tech Support Rep for a large overnight package company that is not brown.
Attended AOCS at NAS Pensacola, but was furloughed due to a Naval Aviator glut after the original Gulf War. Was offered subs, but politely declined.