Your Job

Does anyone here actually work for an airline, if so which airline? If not, then what is your job? :slight_smile:

Full time student. I hope not to work with airliners, but design them. :wink:

yeah, unfortunetly, i’m only in the 8th grade but hope to maybe work for (or own :laughing: an airline)!!!


Chosen a school or schools yet?



Yep, currently working on my Mechanical Engineering major at Lehigh University.

That’s right, I remember your mentioning that before.

Excellent school.

Lots of Shawnee HS grads there from Medford.



I’m thinking of starting some flight training school it’s North Ramp Aviation. Is it expensive to fly and have lessons. I’m looking for opinions here.

Funny you say that, a friend of mine in some of my engineering classes went to Shawnee.

Getting ready to graduate (Less than a month) with a bachelor degree in Aviation Administration with a couple ratings and over 200 flight hours. Then i will be going the charter route.


Student currently…dispite what my profile thingy says…trying to get my pilot liscence…should be fun./

I work for SkyWest Airlines.

9th grade going to start taking flying lessions soon! Hope my bloody eyes hold up!

Stop worrying about your damn eyes! :wink:

It’s called lasic or glasses…look into them…

Welcome aboard, tennisgal. As we pull back from the gate area, I hope you can give us some lessons on how to power a serve straight down the aisle without faulting the beer out of the hand in 14C.

currently enrolled in k-state’s flight program, working on my commercial, desire to become a corporate pilot.

I work for a weekly newspaper doing computer/networking support. I grew up wanting to be a pilot for the airlines, but sometimes things in life don’t always go the way we hope.

I hope to be purchasing my own piston single in the next few years. Let’s see if that happens… :arrow_right:

I work line service for a fractional jet operation.

Havn’t you read my forum on vision? I have them but they could get too bad to fly for an airline.

Lasic…dad was almost blind (not legally, but close enough), now only needs glasses to read…