Help finding a DAL/NW Flight

My daughter is going to Hawaii for a High School band trip, I have no problem finding her outbound flight, but her return is stumping me. She is returning on Delta 802 (HNL-ATL Non-stop) which according to the DAL site, it’s operated by NWA and is a 747. If I punch in DAL 802, I get ATL-DCA and if I try NWA 802 I get HNL-LAX on a 757. Any ideas?

Could this be it?: … /PHNL/KATL

Wow… this is bizarre! I searched non-stop flights from HNL to ATL on Travelocity and came up with two flights… Delta operated by Northwest, and Northwest operated by Delta. Departure and arrival times are the same. It’s like both airlines are pointing the finger at each other!

I clicked on the “View Seats” button of the Delta flight, and was a 10-abreast seating configuration (747 - NOT a 767).

So I did what I guess EMTspud did and searched FlightAware flights from HNL to ATL and came up with only one flight… Delta 1282 - a 767.

I’m stumped too! You might want to call both airlines and see what’s going on. Something ain’t right here…

It may be a one-off substitution for a high traffic day. I’d wait until the day of and use the route search.

It’s a weekly flight for them! Departs daily from what I can see. That’s what is having me wondering! I would love to be able to track her return flight (just to make sure they go feet dry)!

BTW - As what NeedleNose found, I even tried DAL5802, but that goes TYS-ATL on a CRJ900! The plot thickens!

I work at ATL and i can confirm there’s gonna be a B747 to HNL. It should arrived from MSP at 05:00 and depart for HNL later that morning…i don’t know what colours it will be sporting though…

What is the date of your daughter’s flight, if you don’t mind me asking?

Just to let you all know, 747 service between ATL and HNL doesn’t start til the 2nd. It will be the first 747-400 in Delta colors to operate in ATL ever. Also, DL is treating NW like a regional carrier.

That will be something interesting to track tomorrow, I suppose. … ?ana=yfcpc

Her return flight is April 6 out of HNL. Soooooo, with redlegsfan21 note about it not taking place until 4/2, that may be why we don’t see it, yet!

Thanks redlegsfan21!

Yeah, it explains a lot! I still think it’s funny how the two airlines are pointing the finger at each other though.

One thing I failed to show the first time… You can save $150 booking with Delta instead of NorthWest :confused: If NWA acquired by DAL, why is there even a listing for an NWA flight?


I know that not everyone here is on Facebook but I went down to ATL just to see this plane. … f3d99c6cef

Facebook says is a public link, if you can’t see it, I’ll just post the best.