NWA 2XXX numbers not working

Northwest has changed a majority of their flight numbers to NWA2XXX for example NWA2278. Whenever you type in a northwest flight number with this format, it comes up as a FLG flight, which hasn’t flown for several weeks. Is there any fix for this, because NWA flights with those numbers cannot currently be accessed?


Is 2278 the actual flight number? Might this flight be operated by Delta, a regional or a code share partner? Please provide a link to the flight number. What do you think dadalope?

flightview.com/TravelTools/F … esults.asp


This is what comes up on Flightaware flightaware.com/live/flight/FLG2278

Yet, all of these flights show up on the NWA board of flights - flightaware.com/live/fleet/NWA but if you click them, they don’t come up as they should.

As of Nov 1st, Northwest/Delta changed their flight numbering scheme. They are doing this for an eventual reservations switchover to all Delta flight numbers… so, for example, NWA2351 is a NW A320 flight from DTW to SFO, you can look it up on nwa.com

When one goes to Flightaware to track it, Flightaware says, “Oh, you must be looking for NWA2351, which used to be operated by Pinnacle, so let me change your request for you… to FLG2351, which is DTW-FNT”.

Another way to observe this is to look up flights DTW-SFO, and you’ll see (for Nov 1st) NWA2351, NWA353N, NWA2382, NWA665, NWA721 and NWA651. If you click on NWA2351, it takes you to FLG2351 (the example I gave above).

Yeah that’s what I assumed. Is flightaware going to be able to stop this automation in the near future for NWA?

I agree with all this. Yet another stupid gimmick that’s been introduced here in an attempt to be fancy when all it’s done is further ruined what was once a good site. Why can’t the owners just leave things as they are instead of meddling? :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Happened across this myself when trying to track NWA B753 NWA2622 between HNL and LAX, shows me FLG2622 instead why has got nothing to do with it. :unamused:

Until this site is fixed I suggest everyone uses flightwise.com instead which shows the correct flight data.

Waaaaaaaa, waaaaaaa, waaaaaaa… :unamused:

Sorry about that. We regularly review their timetable which currently says flights in the 2000s are Compass or Pinnacle, but that’s obviously out of date. I’ve updated the list so you can view the 2000 series NWA flights.

Great - the NWA 2xxx flights are showing up properly now - thanks!

Thank you very much, I just wanted to bring it your attention so it could be fixed. :slight_smile: Thanks for the great work you guys do at FlightAware, it is a great site!

Indeed, thanks. One thing fixed at least :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue: