NWA: 1926-2010

Looking at Sunday’s scheduled flights out of MSP, there are no more Northwest flights shown, only Delta. Great airlines never die, they just fade away…


That would be correct. Kinda hard to hide it now. Looks like the last NWA flight to land will be NWA248 DTW-AMS (not sure on that though.
flightaware.com/live/flight/NWA2 … /KDTW/EHAM

But even the Mesaba flights are showing up as DAL flights tomorrow.


Think that has to be a mistake.

Flagship designation (FLG) used by Northwest Airlink still seems intact as of 8 AM.

Yep and Mesaba flights went back to MES so guess all is getting worked out.

Btw, I think this is the last ever flight to be operated with a NW call sign,

flightaware.com/live/flight/NWA2 … /KDTW/EHAM

Well, now I know how all you Pan Am and TWA fans feel. My first commercial flight was on a Northwest Orient 727 in 1973. Flew from GEG to BIL via GTF. So long old friend. :frowning:

Even under Delta, FLG and MES will remain FLG and MES. It may take some time for the FAA to update their names but the call signs will remain the same.


Nice pic deef, my favorite scheme

Yeah, it’s really over



It does look like NWA is over. If you try going to www.delta.com Sad indeed.

Just noticed it while listening to the radio. Kept hearing Delta this and Delta that heading into MSP. Pulled up the local map, and sure enough, not one NWA flight showing.

At MCW, heard MES3243 just get their clearance, but now looking at flightaware.com/live/airport/KMCW , I see tonights flight in from MSP shows a Delta ident.

It will switch back to a MES flight eventually. The Connection flights are showing as DAL but they will get right either just before or at departure.

farewell NWA. im a bit sad. cest la vie. but, yeah, better they fade away-- off into the northwest sunset (er, as viewed from Chile).

Is that D. B. Cooper peering out of the window at Row 18? :smiling_imp:

Sad. :cry: I took a lot of great trips on Northwest Orient et al

Wow talk about Coincidence. My first commercial was NW from GEG to SEA then to San Diego in Jun 1972 (USN Boot Camp).

I went to Rogers, YOU ?

Who did you fly between SEA and SAN? It couldn’t have been NW in 1972 because in 1972 they didn’t have any flights between Washington/Oregon and California.

I was able to take three flights on Northwest:

02/19/79 STL-ORD B727-251 N262US
02/20/79 ORD-STL B727-251 N263US
12/19/79 LAX-HNL B747-151 N608US

NW had just started the STL-ORD route and was offering a special fare. I flew from STL to ORD specifically to do aircraft spotting. By the way, February is not really a good month to spot aircraft in Chicago!

Sorry, Meant to add that the SEA/SAN route was Continental. We basically If I remember had 2 options out of GEG, United and Northwest … I think there was a couple small airlines but the big ones were those two.


Hah! I was 6 in '73. I flew with my grandma back to Montana for the summer.
I did fly Northwest again to get to Pensacola for Navy AOCS many years later though. :smiley:


Damn dude…your old…NTC San Diego, Drill Ccmpany, May 1977.