A couple of Delta's routes to Anchorage


It seems that Delta no longer operates DTW-ANC. Anyone know when this was terminated? Must have been recently, since I flew ANC-DTW in July of last year.

Also, I flew ATL-ANC several years ago (no, I’m not mistaken). I can’t figure out when that was terminated. Any help would be appreciated.


A lot of ANC flights only operate during the summer months. Not much tourism in January.


Right, but I looked at Delta’s schedules for this summer, and those routes still don’t show up.


hmm. don’t know. Maybe with the addition of NWA they felt ANC already had enough service.


DTW-ANC was their longest ANC route and I doubt it had much local traffic and was mainly flow.

Post merger they probably feel that they can serve ANC adequately from MSP and SLC with the shorter stage length and thus lower fuel burn to serve the same passenger base.