Antonov 12 on a Nortwest Flight number


Can any one clarify what is happening here
Type is shown as Antonov AN12 on a Northwest flight number?
Isn’t NWA 19 a Narita flight normally?
Thanks in anticipation
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Judging from the flight history, NWA19 is typically a Narita route. If the controller DID NOT enter the a/c type incorrectly, then I would assume that NW is leasing the An-12 for cargo operations, maybe even on a one-flight basis. To venture a guess (only a guess), perhaps they needed the -12 to carry larger spare parts from a “corpse” in the desert boneyard for replacement in a “live” bird.


I think this is a mistake. If NWA was to do an ad-hoc charter of an AN-12, it would be operated under the AN-12’s certificate (i.e. not under a NWA flight number). IF it was operated under a NWA flight number then the flight number would not be one as low as 19 but rather in the 8000 or 9000 series.


Yeah, I’m with you the more I think about it, especially seeing as how the flight has been “En Route” for several hours with no log or present location map to speak of. Good call about the flt. #s.


Clearly. Filing to an airport with the code VFR should be a big clue :blush:

Suggested elsewhere that the boxes on the flight plan were filled in or entered in the wrong sequence.


I would have thought NWA19 would be a stored flight plan and any variation to it would have shown up as an error?
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