N# queries returning wrong a/c type, flight info?


I am a newbie to this forum, so sorry if this has been posted already, but several searches by N# I have tried have returned incorrect A/C types and flights that probably do not correspond with the N# being searched…based on time en route, etc…a couple of examples are N9ME and N888AW…both are PA28-180’s, 9ME is based @ IOB and 888AW is based @ 2v2…flights with either of these a/c would have either began or ended @ home base. BTW, It s showing the correct owner info…


In both cases it looks like someone filed/used the wrong aircraft type, or filed/used the wrong aircraft N number. We display the type as filed in the flight plan or departure message, not the type on file in the FAA’s Aircraft Registration database.


WOW…what a coincidence…2 that I happen to pick both have that issue…what do they say?..If it weren’t for bad luck…