Helicopter with tree trimmer saw

I posted the picture of the helicopter and the tree triming saw.
My question is what did I do incorrectly to have it appear differantly than other pictures? No credit, and the photo tags showing.

flightaware.com/photos/view/305- … tes/page/1

Unless you changed it?, I see photo credit, description, and airport - only registration number is blank.

The only thing different I see, is 23 people, including myself, voted for your picture, and the Staff at FlightAware have posted it - ‘Staff Picks This Weeks’.

As long as your logged onto FlightAware, you can click on your own photo, and change the information below the photo any time you want.

You may need to refresh your screen before they show up.

wingnut – the page looks a bit different if you’re the uploader. It shows proper credit and info to others.

Log out and look at the photo and you will see all the information you are looking for.

Wow, never knew that existed. Thanks for the nightmares!


That’s sick. :open_mouth:

Thanks for the video.

Crazy wingnut - I actually saw that pic you posted last week and had never heard of such, did some research and found a couple of vids on youtube of their work. What a wild piece of equip!

Haverfield Aerial Saw Transmission 042 - YouTube)


Great picture though.

One of the lead companies in this field is out of Gettysburg, PA.


Yeah J - we had another discussion about Haverfield’s powerline inspections in here a while back:

discussions.flightaware.com/view … hp?t=10480

What a wild company!

How do they keep the saw lined up with the work? I’d think it would be spinning wildly.

I’ve wondered that too - it must be weighted pretty heavily. And what happens when that chain/cable carrying those saws gets tangled up in a power line?

I’m guessing the blades are counter rotating to minimize kickback.

Their most senior pilot is 22. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, it appears the chain/cable is insulated.

my idea of flying is of fun, not doing the friggin yard work jeez. This makes it a chore!

Looks like the pilot has to keep that thing pretty accurate, he’s awefully close to those power lines, and good gust of wind or something might get ugly!

Anybody up for writing the screenplay for “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5”?

22 yrs old?? I’m sure that’s a dangerous biz, but didn’t realize it was that dangerous! And as far as the insulation, I wasn’t really talking about an electrical current so much as it getting wrapped around something and pulling that helicopter down. I wonder if it has some kind of disconnect in the event it gets hung up?

I don’t think so. Look at the way the teeth on all the blades are pointing…

Good observation young Will. In this case counter rotation would be counter productive.