Heard on the radio


Once in a while you hear a good one on the radio. post it here. I’ll start.

In response to Salt Lake Centers request to proceed direct to an intersection this airline pilot said:
“uh, roger sir, we are radar vector equipped”.


An old and forgotten, but similar thread has been going on for some time.


If it’s not on page one then it’s too old for me to remember. :smiley:


I’ll bet a lot of long-time members don’t even remember it :wink:


thx for that link/reminder - one old timer here had forgotten about it!

More heard on the radio comments eagerly awaited. I’m waiting for N5UU Glex to come through our airspace and ask him if he still has that Spitfire painted on the underside of the plane?
“Gee London, what radar y’all using there??”





After flying into town on Compass Airlines (CPZ), I asked my mother how the flight was. She said it was a good flight with a great landing. I was giving her a tour of the tower while the outbound flight called for taxi. I took the ground control frequency for a minute and told the crew that my mother had flown in with them, and she said it was a great landing, thanks for getting her here safely.

Their reply was “A blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while”