HBIRJ Movements

HBIRJ Movements

I don t know if anyone has been following the movements DC-3 HBIRJ. The aircraft has experienced a restoration here in the US and slowly working its way back to Switzerland. The DC-3 is owned by Bertiling. The aircraft is being flown by the legendary Frank Moss and with a load of passengers who each paid $10,000 for privilege to make the flight home.

Photographed here at Opa Locka Airport a week back.


Looks nice!

Hi I live in Quebec City Canada and i just saw it on flight aware
I’ll try to get pictures

Iam Here in Goose Bay NL. The Plane is to arrive this afternoon (DC-3 ) and i will get some pics .xpostie

FYI on HB-IRJ. The DC-3 is actually owned by the Super Constellation Flyers group. Breitling is an important sponsor and that is why they have their name on it.
I had the privelage to join them on the first portion of the trip. We flew from Opa-locka, to IAD, Dulles Intl, via Savanna. From Dulles, we went direct to see the Lufthansa project at Auburn-Lewiston, Maine airport.
Lufthansa had a great welcome and lunch for us on Tuesday, May, 5th.
We all enjoyed a great visit and the L-1649 is one awesome aircraft!
The DC-3 then headed to Quebec. I just saw they had landed in Iceland on May 10th.

Beautiful picture - beautiful bird! She passed our airspace this afternoon on the way to Aarhus. We could only see it with our “powerful” binoculars. Not so many “HB-xxx” aircraft here - and the “DC-3” addition certainly raised some eyebrows :wink: