HB-GBL KingAir C90GTi abort t/o - runway over run . photo

Jan 15/10 A Swiss King Air C90GTi aborted take off today at Les Eplatures, Switzerland. No injuries were reported.

Another sledding accident gone awry! This one doesn’t look like it would have been as much fun…

I think this guy was a Duke Boy wanna-be…

Get the Duck tape.

hey its a beechcraft, a little JB Weld and she’ll be turnin and burnin.

Is that the localizer?

Didn’t know turbo-props could burn… :smiley:

That ain’t snow surrounding it, that’s AFFF! :open_mouth:

good eye James…it is AFFF!

Quite a shame to break what must be a very new airplane.

Well, it’s a little of both. Unless they decided to spray foam down the full length of the side of the runway, on top of the rocks, in the trees to the left, on the hills in the distance, etc, etc, etc

:laughing: good eye fly, that is a little of both!!

The AFFF is mainly on the plane and in front. The rest is snow… I think…

:open_mouth: you really think will robinson?

Danger! Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!


Picky, picky. :unamused:

No that’s FlyNYC, not pika. :laughing::unamused:

I need a really big smiley face for that… :smiley: