Happy Thanksgiving..

Subject line sez it all.

Be safe in your travels, whether it be the 2, 3 or 4 wheeler variety.


   Thank you, and the same to you.

Best wishes to all the good folks who make this such an entertaining Forum to visit and a special Thanks to all the FA workers for keeping the lights burning.

If any other lonely pilots make it to Key West tomorrow night, the beers are on my company!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

That’s a bummer, except the part about the free beer. Speaking of which, I’m about 2,300NM away so can you call in an order for a party ball for me? I’ll gladly pick it up here in town at no cost to you or the company. Ya know, I’m not sure they have those any more so how bout just a keg of Guinness, that should hold me over through the long weekend so I don’t have to keep bothering you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

And my best wishes from half way around the world. Although I’m in London right now, as you can imagine Thanksgiving and July 4th are not real big in England.


Likewise…to everyone that visits…lurks…postulates, emulates and…nevermind. You guys get the point. Keeping my sexual references to myself.

Best Wishes to all. Happy Thanksgiving.


Joisey turkeys jack a kid’s bike!

When Wild Turkeys Attack Indian People - YouTube)

thx happy turkey day everyone :smiley:

Cheers to all on this day of thanks…

Happy Turkey Day Guys and Girls! I had smoked turkey legs at Disneyland after riding Space Mountain! You gotta try these legs, they are YUMMY!


Your legs are smokin! :stuck_out_tongue:

Must be nice to be able to afford that! When I went to Disneyland it turned out to be $27 for three hot dogs, sodas, and fries!

I thought all you Californians were real estate millionaires?

That’s the way it looks on all those “reality” and house flipper shows.