Figure to shout it out :smiley: to all FA members.

Keep it safe whether you use the airways or byways.



Thanks and same to ya Allen!


Ditto… or should I say Gobble?


Best holiday wishes to all, enjoy the long weekend.


Best Wishes for a great holiday season Aviators!


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at FlightAware.


Anyone know any place in Knoxville TN where I can get some turkey?


Krogers? :smiley:


Dolly’s place?..she’ll probably have some good fixin’s too… :wink:


Since it is that season - thanks to the FlightAware folks for this site and your commitment to aviation services. It is much appreciated.

Hope everyone has a great turkey day.


I wouldn’t mind a couple helpings of her famous stuffing. :blush:


Hope everybody is full in their festivities and taking all the football, shopping and parades they can absorb and be reminded to be thankful for these privileges, as that is all they are in the full scheme of things.

Me… I plan to be the odd ball person out committing aviation on this cold dank dreary morning in the NE practice area of KJAN.

Even more special wil be the oppurtunity to meet up with another Flight Aware member so we can swap hangar lies and talk about y’all!!

Guess it’s not so dark, dank and dreary after all is said and done :smiley:



No it wasn’t Allen. Even though it was cold! :open_mouth: Thanks so much really enjoyed it. I am watching the flight on video. Can’t wait to meet again. Until then happy flying and hope you enjoy FSX.
Holton :smiley:



From your friends to the north!


Sending happy belated gobbles to all! :smiley: