Good day to be leaving


Well, tomorrow actually. I am finishing up around the house before vacation time starts, you know, laundry, packing, even uploaded a new picture here.
I stepped outside to take the trash out and ran into a combination oven, sauna and sandblaster. 42C, dusty and even a bit humid which is rare with the dust.
The picture I uploaded was taken yesterday in Nice, listed under hzha1.
Yeah, I’m bored. Nothing better to do than listen the dryer and talk to all of you!


28 hours to a cold one.
82 to vacation. :smiley:


We’ll be watching for you to go over us John.

Enjoy your well earned vacation.


Thanks, I don’t know if the airplane is still blocked or not. I put in a request but never heard if it went through.


What’s the registration?


What’s them thar “endorsements” below your name?


Glad someone asked! See
We should probably add one for forum activity.


Lets get a pair of wings in the endorsements box for those members who can verify their validity as a pilot. Maybe Bronze for Private, Silver for Commercial and Gold for ATP! :slight_smile:




Foreign registrations are excluded by default from ASDI, but can be included by request of the owner. Who did you make the request with and when?


Actually with you about, uh, six months ago…?


:blush: Please see private message.


We’ll hear 'em before we see’m. :stuck_out_tongue:


And a pair of wings in diapers for those that are working on becoming a pilot…


…and a broken egg for those who just wannabe




A straightjacket for rotary? :laughing:


Sorry…did you say something? coughchoke* dang it got smoggy quick! 8)

Hey John…you coming out towards your other home?


Yup, we are flying EGSS-CYQX-KDLH-KVNY on Saturday. Then I run to LAX and jump on an Alaska flight to SEA to catch the last day of a family reunion.
Don’t you guys be knocking the Spey, they are great at turning fuel into noise at a great rate.


Have a great trip. Seattle will be 80 and sunny (ie perfect).


sounds good to me!