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Google Map ADS-B location tool not working

Tried using Google Chrome and Firefox on OS X and get an error saying to contact FlightAware. Any way I can enter the coordinates directly?

I take it you are using a Pi, as FA will take your location from PlanePlotter. Try using your lat/lon in the dump1090 arguments.

I’m not sure if FA uses it like it does in PlanePlotter, but I can’t test it at the moment as I’m far away from my PiAware.

Succes and regards,

lat & lon go in as degrees.decimal degrees South and West as negatives

This did spontaneously start to work about 30 minutes later.

Thanks for the input.

Thanks letting us know about this. It seems like some changes from last week may be the cause. We’re looking into it and will reply with updates.

I believe this should be fixed now. Let us know if you encounter any more problems.

Hi Daniel

i am a newbie here and just assembled my first rasp pi+RTL dongle setup today!!! Totally amazed that it worx!!

Anyways…heres my query…how do i setup the rasp pi n dongle to put out data for viewing on my ipad when i am out of internet coverage eg camping etc? Also how would i be able to see flts on a map on the ipad with my position centered. I have an Adafruit GPS card which i thought might help me get position as well as time stamp.

Please help n thanx.


First, get your RPi running with WIFI. If you have a wifi dongle, the easiest way is to hook the rpi up to HDMI TV monitor, keyboard and mouse. Run the GUI (if it starts in command line mode, type startx). There is a wifi configuration application there.

When boondocking, I have my Galaxy Note 3 set up as a wifi hotspot. The rpi connects with that to get to the Internet via Cellular. My problem is a lack of cell service when boondocking :slight_smile:
Good luck, trials, tribulations, and rewards ahead.

You don’t need a GPS unit to get plane mapping in remote locations. The GPS coordinates are sent in the transponder messages sent from ADSB equipped planes.

PiAware itself uses google maps for mapping. This requires you to have an active internet connection to get the map which is overlaid with plane positions.
PiAware can output plane GPS coordinates in compatible formats (SBS format, Beast format and Raw format). If your offline mapping program can accepts these plane positions you are good to go.

The easiest way to get mapping in remote places is to either use the FlightFeeder app for Android OR use plane plotter.

The android app requires an RTL dongle and an OTG USB cable to connect the dongle to your android phone. If you have an active cellphone tower connection you can view them on a google map. If you don’t have a cellphone tower connection then you will only see the plane GPS coordinates in a list. You can then send the plane GPS coordinates to an offline mapping program just like PiAware.

Plane plotter has an offline mapping program. Download a nice high definition map of the area you want to view. Place the markers to calibrate the map to actual GPS coordinates. Setup plane plotter to read data from a dump1090/piaware feed. You now have plane mapping anywhere… just don’t run out of power.

Hi all

Joel…David…thanx for the replies and the assist! Appreciate it!

Yes I am going to follow what u guys suggest. David…happy to say that I too was thinking along the same lines but just don’t have the tech knowledge to accomplish the same😞

I was hoping the GPS chip supplied position data could be used to centralise my location on any offline map to plot local traffic. Actually, I don’t even need a map…just traffic displayed on even a black background is good enough for me😄

Thanx again and look forward to more help from us guyz😄