Google Earth of Davis Monthan "Boneyard"

Way cool photos of Davis Monthan, courtesy of a BBC article. Fun to play with.

If you prefer, you can scan through the actual Google Map…

Thanks for sharing this. It’s enough to make one irritable: good airplanes barbecuing in the desert sun.

Looking around the MIL areas and seeing all the interesting toys parked around makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

So if you were told you could have any ONE aircraft from the boneyard, perfectly restored to flight status, what would everyone choose?

Those Tweets look very attractive, along with the T-38s and A-10s, but the practical side of me says to grab one of those PT-6 upgraded Caribous or Twotters. Then add a set of EDO or Wipline amphibious floats to the Twotter. Talk about your ultimate flying RV!

(The sight of those chopped up BUFFs that had to remain in the open so they could be seen by Russian satellites under the terms of the START Agreement is a very sad ending to some incredible aircraft.)

I always wondered why the planes were chopped up but not salvaged.

Anyone else get a little…sick to your stomach seeing this? :frowning:

What plane would I like to have outta the scrapyard? Well, that’s a no-brainer! I’d have to pick one of the ever-faithful C-130 Hercules. Four Allison T-56-A-15 at almost 4,600shp a piece turning props with blades as big as a grown man make that unmistakable, incomparable Herky rumble that is the sound of true, raw, airlifting power. I know between all the herks there I could probably find 4 good engines and a good solid airframe to mount em on. :slight_smile:

Now…who’s willing to help pay the fuel bill? :smiley: Come on…probably 4 times the cabin space of a GV! …and half the speed. :laughing:

Coordinates to the boneyard (if you wanna use Google Earth itself):
32 09 56.89 -110 51 32.40

I think I’d like to have an A-10! :smiling_imp:

Sigh Im getting old

7000 hours of my life are more than likely sitting there.

C-12B (now they fly UC-12Fs)
P-3CUII (VP-11 planes all were sent there)

Maybe some P-3Cs I flew outta VP30 might still be flying

I do. The number of planes parked out there exceeds the total fleet of most air forces on this planet.

I think I’d like to have an A-10!

I’ll take a B-1, C-5, F-15, and 5 or 6 F-111’s. There’s a ton of them things!

I think I’d have to stick with the ol’ reliable warthog too. Although I wouldn’t mind an F-14/15/16. How long until a raptor ends up there? As taxpayers, they should let everyone that comes out there take something home with them. I’d love a M/B ejection seat for the living room.

They are ultimately salvaged, the START Agreement only requires them to sit disassembled for a few months, six IIRC.

Don’t forget that it’s also a salvage yard filled with what most would consider outmoded junk but are in fact the sole source for replacement parts to keep many aircraft flying.

Found this to be very interesting from link in OP.

*Officials at the base say that the parts reclaimed and aircraft withdrawn turns every tax dollar spent into 11 dollars in return. *

That’s some ROI, wish I could do that.

What is the closest that a civilian can get to the boneyard… not that I live anywhere near it. It would be great to just walk around and enjoy.

I think they offer tours that start at the air museum that is near there.

I believe they give tours don’t they? I was looking at the google images though and there are houses just north of the storage area - like just across the street. Thank God I don’t live out there or I would have already been arrested multiple times for trespassing - no way I could help myself. What are all the other objects out there - storage containers? vehicles? There’s zillions of them, whatever they are.

Remember this:

James!!! Seriously…candy store? More like a full blown “toys r us”!!!
Wow… where the hell does one begin?!! And then you go and pose the inevitable question…which one to take home…I personally would like a “Hoover”, (S-3 Viking for you non-navair guys) convert that pup into a plush private family jet. Or an old “Stoof” (S-2 tracker, they sound like a dozen harleys when they’re taxiing) and have a great a/c to fly around the Caribean…or maybe…Oh nevermind…I’ll take any of them!!! :laughing:

One of those type places to visit before you die.

Here’s the link to information about touring the “Boneyard”.

I’ll make bail for half the take!

Especially for a Martin/Baker.

Most of the containers you see strewn around are probably engine storage cans. Engines are placed in them for long term storage under an inert gas.

Have to admit to always having wanted my own Herk, very poetic description linemanKMFD.

Thanks for that. Looks like much more than one could do in a day!!! Oh what fun that would be!!!