Interesting story on "The Boneyard"

I’d love to spend a weekend crawling around this place: … 33186.html

Thanks for the link. Interesting. BTW many years ago I drove by a facility just outside of Tucson AZ which was essentially the same only it had “retired” military aircraft. It was awesome to see! Old B-47’s, 52’s, etc.

Don - Denver

Ah, found it using BING. Davis Monthan AFB AZ. Move around on the AFB and you will find the Military Burial Ground. Lot’s of aircraft there.

Don - Denver

Here is the Mojave Air and Spaceport with one of the boneyards.

this is that boneyard in tucson, well part of it anyway.
you can take a free tour thru the boneyard, but the sign up list is over a year long on popular days, but if you stick to weekdays away from holidays, they will almost always get you in sometime during the week. … 7&t=h&z=16

WOW - Looking at the arial view of Davis Monthan, now I can see where all of my tax money has gone.

I did a fly-in to Mojave and for $5 a person we were loaded into van’s and toured the bone yard.

Nope, only some of it. But it took a long time to accumulate all that.

Boneyard tours are run by Tucson’s Pima Air and Space Museum:
Follow their link to AMARG for tour prices and details.
Anyone interested in military aircraft will really enjoy the museum and tour.
Lots of bomber iron like B-52’s, B-58, B-47, B-29, B-24, B-17 etc.
There is a beautiful SR-71 on display, and a B-36 being restored.
Plenty of fighter and civilian aircraft.

Cool! Which B-29 do they have?

Looks like a great place to camp out and rejuvenate the “iron” in ones system for those with an “iron” deficiency. {Get it? Iron deficiency, planes are made of…nvr mind… I’m starting to sound like Meek)

Why? Are you missing one?

Seriously Will, there were almost 4,000 B-29s produced. What possible reason would you want to know which one the museum has and what difference would it make to a 12 year old?

If I had to guess, I’d wager that it was one of the one’s built by Boeing in the early to mid-40’s and probably saw service from between the mid-40’s till sometime around the late 50’s. Oh, and it was probably used as a bomber (as opposed to being used as a drone).

Lighten up already, Jfor jackassHEM! Will asked a legitimate question.

Will sounds like he has the same interest in aviation that I do. He’s not content to know that there is a B-29 at a museum. He wants to know all about it.

All my life I have been interested in aviation. I’ve never been satisfied to know that the aircraft in a particular museum is a B-29 or 737 or whatever. I want to know exactly which B-29 or 737 or whatever it is. So just because I’m 52 years old does that mean it’s legitimate for me to want to know this information but there’s no legitimate reason for a young person to know it?

In your high-and-almightyness did you ever stop to think that Will may actually be doing research on the B-29?

Do you feel like a real man continuously verbally beating up a kid on this forum?

BTW: If Will is really 12 then he is a very smart kid. He sounds older. Sure, I don’t think all of his postings are good (e.g. “me too” type postings) but he does ask some intelligent questions. Granted, he could find them by using Google or another search engine but that’s a different story.

Hey Damiross…you sound like your on the attack now. IF, and only if, it really rubbed you the wrong way then just PM JHEM. Was there really a need to call someone else a jackass concerning a rhetorical question. Will is a grown boy…I’m sure he couldve responded in his own fashion as he has before of why he was soo interested in one particular a/c.

And whats with the hi and mighty comment? Theres been a few times you’ve come across a little pompous, my friend. But…wth…its an opinion, based from MY perspective…no one elses. I respect your opinions and information posts’ too.

It’s just struck me wrong what JHEM said.

To tell someone because of his age he has no need to know the details of an aircraft is just wrong. When it comes to aircraft I’m not satisfied with generalities. I want details. I don’t want to know that an airline operated 10 727’s. I want to know the exact models (e.g. are they -230A’s or -021’s) of those ten aircraft. It sounds like Will also wants details.

I also felt that posting here rather than in a PM was more appropriate because I wanted Will to know that not everyone thinks like JHEM.

If someone is asking for details on an aircraft there’s no reason to shot him down just because of his age. At least tell him to go to Google if you don’t have the answer.

I think we all have, multiple times.

Understood. And duly noted. Your point that is. And I concur, everyone regardless of age, has specific wants and needs. However, in reading the post from JHEM to will, in didnt appear to ME that JHEM was that abrasive as when I read your post concerning what JHEM posted to will, that is it was more of an attack. Wills’ skin needs to be a little thicker if he felt it was. (Very abrasive).

Again…strictly an opinion. And only becuase I just happen to be here.

The only thing I would take away from my posting is calling JHEM a jackass. That’s not really fair to those four-footed animals.

And this thread will go into lock down in 3…2…1…